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Analysis & Observations of the Issues Impacting Juvenile Justice

Welcome to @Issue360 ! Whether you are a juvenile probation officer, children and youth administrator, social worker, a law enforcement officer, elected official, provider, legislator, student or interested party we trust that you will find this monthly post of interest. Written by treatment professionals, it will analyze and offer commentary on the issues impacting your field today.

Since the early days of working with Juveniles who sexually offend (JwSO) the focus has been on sexual crime and sexual pathologies. This approach was described in numerous publications like Pathways (Kahn, 2001), Steen and Monnette (1989), and Ryan (1999). However, a paradigm shift was... more
When addressing problematic sexual decisions with the boys we counsel, oftentimes the topic of their own early sexual experiences emerges. In these conversations, there are times when they report initiation to sexual behavior occurring at the hands of much older adolescent or adult females. Yet, in... more
In a recent sit-down, Matt explains Ravenhill's RAMP program.What does RAMP stand for? RAMP is Ravenhill’s Accountability and Mentoring Program. Accountability plays a major role in the curriculum, as it often leads to further change in the juveniles that are referred to the program.How are... more


Working with court -mandated teens is hard! Many programs rely on behavioural approaches that are designed to compel, rather than inspire, change or on purely physical techniques to control client behavior. But these approaches fail to respect the dignity, individuality, and humanity of young... more
As a child many of us were taught that names can’t hurt us.  However, recent national events seem to present a different reality.  Words do matter. A recent article discussed the use of the term reintegration.  It was posited that what we call reintegration might best be called integration.  This... more
Mindfulness: Developing Practices that Benefit for a Lifetime
The response to #MeToo, ever growing reports of sexual harassment, and other harmful sexual behaviors, often includes responses that indicate the accused chose to see their behaviors as consensual and mutually desirable.
All too often, societal discussions about sexual abuse focus exclusively on the offence in general and often graphic terms rather than taking a broader view of the individual (which is what comprehensive risk formulation, treatment, and community management focus on). Labelling people by offense is... more
Edison Court  is committed to the advancement of quality improvement principles designed to promote the delivery of efficient and effective services to our clients through our PQI process.  We use an inclusive and transparent approach when establishing performance goals, benchmarks, and determining... more
This might be a good time to simply “rip the band aid off” and get back basics: Abuse is abuse.  Research has shown a particularly challenging truth; that those who are abused don’t always view their experience as abuse.


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