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Analysis & Observations of the Issues Impacting Juvenile Justice

Welcome to @Issue360 ! Whether you are a juvenile probation officer, children and youth administrator, social worker, a law enforcement officer, elected official, provider, legislator, student or interested party we trust that you will find this monthly post of interest. Written by treatment professionals, it will analyze and offer commentary on the issues impacting your field today.

The Sexual Abuse of BoysAlthough things are shifting, historically child sexual abuse has been a taboo subject that people were reluctant to talk about out in the open. Thankfully, people are becoming more aware of sexual abuse, and as a result, parents do amazing things every day to keep their... more
 United States Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick awarded Edison Court with a proclamation and US flag that was flown over the US Capitol.
For the senior class at Mathom House, this year’s graduation ceremonies looked much different than any other year. Leading up to graduation, many seniors and their families were concerned that precautions due to the Corona Virus would cancel the event all together.
Covid-19 or simply coronavirus, has spread like wildfire, leaving behind an alarming number of victims. The virus that severely attacks the respiratory system and is transmitted through direct contact with infected people has swept through the US with over 340,000 cases and 10,900 deaths.
  Are you feeling like this COVID-19 crisis is never going to end.  We get glimmers of hope, therapeutic and testing breakthroughs, only to have them dashed by the daily reports of growing infections.  Put another way, it seems likely that things are going to get worse before they get better.


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