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Analysis & Observations of the Issues Impacting Juvenile Justice

Welcome to @Issue360 ! Whether you are a juvenile probation officer, children and youth administrator, social worker, a law enforcement officer, elected official, provider, legislator, student or interested party we trust that you will find this monthly post of interest. Written by treatment professionals, it will analyze and offer commentary on the issues impacting your field today.

 "There is no vulnerability without danger.”  Veronique Valliere, Psy.D.Our society blames women (and men) who are sexually assaulted, particularly when their choices leading up to the attack make them, in most minds, “more vulnerable.” Like when they drink too much, or when they go home with a man... more
The internet is vast and constantly growing, however, the majority of daily usage only scratches its surface. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines only index approximately 5% of the data available on the internet. To access the other 95% requires customized digging through individual sites,... more
The Deep Web and the Dark Web are topics of intrigue, particularly since the FBI shut down the Silk Road website in October of 2013.  Many inaccurately use the terms Deep Web and Dark Web interchangeably. However, the Dark Web is only a small portion of the Deep Web. While both the enormous Deep... more
Pornography and Contact Offending
With the proliferation of the internet and mobile devices, pornography has become easily accessible to all age groups.  Because of their developing sexual identity, and because they are more likely either to use pornography uncritically or to consider the depictions of sex in pornography as... more
When working with youth with sexually problematic behaviors, there is a natural desire to focus on whether the client is truthful or dishonest.  Though many providers believe that they can read when a youth is lying, we learned in the
While it seems easy to conclude that those who deny sexually abusive behavior are more likely to continue it; research linking denial to recidivism among  youthful offenders  is limited.  It may be that an adolescent's unwillingness to acknowledge his or her behavior reflects an underlying risk. On... more
Since the story of the Garden of Eden where the lying serpent enticed Eve into committing the original sin, deception has been cast as the ultimate source of evil. Lying has posed both a moral issue and legal challenge and through the centuries, authorities have employed some gruesome techniques to... more


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