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With community safety as the guide, Easton Manor transitional living program offers a bridge between residential placement and the community for adolescent males who have completed approved treatment for sexually problematic behaviors (SPB) at-least to the RPP & Wellness plan stage. Youth refine these plans as well as address any treatment gaps to allow for eventual return home or to other living arrangements.

Alternately, youth whose PSB do not warrant more intensive treatment may be considered.  

Building Responsibility

Our Pennsylvania Academic Career & Technical Training (PACTT) affiliated Life Skills Program assists youth in developing the competences    needed to navigate daiy life after leaving programming as well as the social skills needed to: 

  •        Solve problems, resolve conflicts, and make decisions;
  •        Control impulses and manage anger; and
  •        Interact appropriately

The program provides group and individual life skills and job development instruction and     support as well as the opportunity to earn certifications in numerous skill areas.

Academic Program

Overseen by the Bucks County Intermediate Unit, the Edison Court academic program offers each student a supportive year round learning environment where they are challenged to  make the most of  academic strengths, while also developing strategies to cope with areas of academic deficits. The goal is to inspire and to instill a sense of confidence in each youth’s academic abilities. The program is staffed by a certified school psychologist, two special education teachers and a full compliment of PA subject certified instructors offering both special and regular education curriculums.  Course credit that has been earned while at an Edison Court program can be transferred to any accredited school.

Course Offerings

The program offers the following subjects: English, Mathematics (Basic Pre-Algebra, Intro. to Algebra, Algebra I & Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus) Sciences (Explorations in Science, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Astronomy, Anatomy and Physiology) Social Studies (World, European, Ancient, American, Sociology, Psychology, Global Relations, Economics and Political Science) Intro to Spanish, Spanish I and Spanish II, Career Education, Reading, Health, Physical Education, Computer Applications.


Brand new in 2006, Easton Manor is a state of the art re-entry facility. It is situated on 10-acres in the heart of Bucks County adjacent to Mathom House. The 2000 square foot facility contains seven  private bedrooms, kitchen, meeting space, laundry facilities, and a ” great room” where youth and Child Care Workers recreate in comfortable surroundings.

Each resident resides  in a single, comfortable and homey dorm room. He will have a comfortable bed, a desk, night stand, and dresser to house his belongings . The private shower rooms and lavatories have shower stalls, lavatories, sinks, and mirrors.

The well kept  grounds include an outdoor basketball court as well as room for varied outdoor recreation activities.