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The Integrative Anger Management program for adults (I-AM) is a 26 week modular group curriculum for men and women who have come to the attention of the court as a result of aggressive emotional responses to stressors in daily life. Through the provision of psycho-educational groups, I-AM promotes effective emotional regulation and self-betterment.

Upon referral, perspective group members will participate in a self-paid intake assessment to determine the appropriateness of acceptance in the program.  I-AM is divided into 26 weekly modules. Each module has been designed to operate independently; this allows for an “open group”  creating the ability for  group members to enter the program at any point. A balance of psychoeducation, processing, insight demonstration, and behavioral practice occurs within each module.  “Homework” is assigned to augment each session. 

I-AM groups are conducted by a Master’s level therapist and depending on its size may be facilitated by an additional professional.   The group leader will serve to lead the group, monitor compliance, collect session fees, and act as a liaison to the probation/parole officer. Upon completion of the program, a discharge summary detailing treatment impact will be provided.


Intake assessment                               $100.00

Weekly Group Sessions                      $45.00

For more information please contact Jonathan Lepore or by phone at 267-372-0109.