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Summary of Treatment Approach

Our therapeutic approach helps each youth understand the origins of the harm they have caused, deal with any past trauma, and address other individual therapy needs. What makes our approach so effective is the strong working relationships that are developed between each youth, their therapist, and all of our direct care staff. Treatment and counseling services are individualized to meet each child's unique needs.

Youth will benefit from:

Integrated CBT and DBT group and individual therapy – Evidenced-based skill areas including increasing distress tolerance, self-awareness, changing thought patterns to be realistic and goal-directed, and emotional self-regulation.    

Good Lives wellness program- Strengths-based approaches that focus upon the child’s well-being and increasing protective factors within the community

Traumatic stress group – A gradual exposure-based group process allowing for self-paced reprocessing of traumatic events.

Psycho-sexual awareness group therapy – An intervention specifically relevant to juveniles who have been objectively and self-determined to harbor deviant and/or unhealthy sexual interests along with a desire to increase their healthy sexual and relational interests.

Trauma sensitive yoga – An evidenced-based practice that increases emotional regulation by incorporating mindful awareness, motor control, flexibility, and safety.

Relaxation training group – a longstanding end-of-week de-stressing group that includes breathing and guided imagery.

Family Therapy – Headed by our Licensed Family Therapist, dynamics amongst key family members and client are discussed with a collaborative and problem-solving approach.

Elective groups – Custom-designed therapeutic modules that address unique needs may include social skills training, distress tolerance, traumatic processing and anger management.                                                                                     

Behavior Management 

Mathom House operates under the principles of accountability and reward.   We have a daily system of requiring achievement of basic responsibilities, and awarding points for achieving individual behavioral goals. Basic responsibilities include specific tasks such as chores, showers, attendance in groups, meals and school.  Goals are specifically designed to target individual areas of behavior in each child.  As he achieves his basic responsibilities and earns his points  he will move closer to promotion in the level system.  The level system is a 4 tiered program which rewards positive and compliant behavior with increased privileges. 

Behavior Modification          

Behavioral management protocols are used for responding if youth exhibit negative behaviors. Interventions are implemented to address these behaviors and are tailored to meet his therapeutic needs. Our behavioral management strategies follow a progressive, intervention model.