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Customized Solutions for the Continuum of Care

Edison Court  is one of the regions  most experienced behavioral health care organizations specializing in providing responsive and innovative care to individuals and families facing mental health challenges and touches the lives of hundreds of individuals  affected by crime and abuse each year. Whether we are responding to child abuse,  domestic violence, or other violent crimes, we help victims and their families heal and rebuild their lives and insure that offenders take responsibility for the harm they have caused, and that at risk youth get the help they need.

Edison Court takes action by providing expert services like intensive RTF, community based RTF, community based and other support services. Our dedicated and expert professionals offer evaluation, innovative care to those we help.

Our experience for almost 30 years allows us to customize programming to suit the needs of those who contract with us  while maintaining the  standardization required by oversight agencies.  Our services are models for programs regionally, and our staff  are  recognized as leaders in the field and are often asked to present education and training to service providers,  and government organizations alike.  We are recognized as experts on  inter-personal violence and victimization.

Helping Children Cope with the Trauma of Abuse

Edison Court offers  long-term help and hope for victims of trauma and  abuse and their families, through emotional support and counseling. Those in need can access our services through the dedicated staff at Ravenhill Psychological. Our philosophy  supports and encourages  our clients  active participation in their treatment. This helps clients affected by trauma regain the sense of control over their lives.

Helping Youth Cope with Anger and Aggression in their Lives

Many youth are victims of  bullying, witness domestic violence,  and are exposed to other traumatic experiences. Edison Court programming  provides  school-based programs that teach students, teachers and parents conflict resolution skills,  anger management , and helps to mentor youth.

Addressing Domestic Violence

Edison Courts adult batterer intervention groups confront domestic abusers and support and confront them to change.

Combating Sexual Abuse

Our intensive RTF , community based RTF, and community programing specialize in combatting sexual abuse by guiding offenders to understand and take responsibility for the harm they have caused. Moving them away from their abusive behaviors.  In addition to counseling, case managers provide mentoring and assistance to youth to find community  supports and  other practical needs. They work with at risk youth  to assist them in planning for better futures