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With residential and outpatient programs located in southeastern Pennsylvania, the Edison Court approach emphasizes individualized strength-based treatment for the whole person delivered by experts in their respective fields.  When an individual partners in treatment with Edison Court, they embark on a rewarding adventure of self-discovery, acquiring valuable skills which promote lasting success.'

Please note: During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are receiving guidance from the CDC, and in conjunction with DPW Chapter 3800 regulations, aim to maintain rigorous safety protocols.  Please click here to view our current Board approved COVID-19 policies.

Research Proven Results: More than Satisfaction Surveys

Many programs conduct satisfaction surveys with their clients and families at the end of treatment. Satisfaction is an important measure for customer service, but not for determining if the program is effective. Each year, Edison Court completes the Residential Treatment Impact & Client Outcome (RTICO) study using empirically validated research instruments to measure the success of our programs, and to learn more about our overall treatment methods and to make improvements where needed. To review the full report please click here.


Earning accreditation is not the endpoint, but instead a means to that end. The real goal is a stable human services organization with an unwavering commitment to the health, safety, and rights of each client  that can be demonstrated through measurable results.

As a COA* accredited organization, consumers, board members, funders, regulators, and staff can be sure that Edison Court’s programs qualify for their confidence in our credibility, integrity, and achievement.

*The Council on Accreditation by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is different from the American Psychological Association’s Commission on Accreditation (APA CoA), of which we are not accredited by.  

Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI)

Edison Court's Performance & Quality Improvement (PQI) Plan consists of a process of assessing performance, making plans to improve, and reassessing results with a focus on aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes. Please click here to view our annual PQI report.