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Ravenhill’s Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) is available for adult sexual offenders who do not require treatment in a secured setting. The overall goal of this program is to reduce the likelihood of the recurrence of inappropriate or deviant sexual behavior.

Although potential clients are mandated to participate in treatment as a condition of their involvement with the court, they are assessed to determine their appropriateness for Ravenhill’s SOTP and their inclusion in the program is dependent upon willingness to participate in the assessment, cooperation, and honesty in disclosure.  Typically, clients who do not have an extensive history of sexually deviant behavior and who are not chemically dependent, or who have already received chemical dependency treatment, are appropriate for the program.

Ravenhill’s SOTP groups meet weekly for ninety minute sessions.  Groups are intensive and focus on behavioral goals as well as emotional and psychological development. Specifically, clients are required to take full responsibility for past negative behaviors and to resolve any underlying contributing emotional issues. Clients are confronted with and expected to change maladaptive cognitive defense systems, such as denial and/or rationalization, which tend to support their offensive behaviors. Each client is expected to develop genuine empathy for their victim(s) which is achieved through a variety of therapeutic techniques, such as role-playing and/or writing a letter of apology to the victim. Completing a relapse prevention plan is required during treatment. Individual session can be offered as an additional treatment for group members who have been identified as in need.

Clients are required to participate in polygraph examinations while in treatment. The first polygraph examination verifies full client disclosure regarding the referral offense(s) as well as any other incidents of sexual abuse and deviant sexual history. Maintenance polygraph examinations are administered throughout treatment every 3-6 months or as needed if there is a specific concern for a group member.

Please click here for an SOTP fee schedule.

For more information please contact Kelly O'neill, MSW,LSW at or by phone at 267-663-1025.