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PATHS is a COA accredited, 8 bed community-based specialized group treatment home for boys between the ages of 10 and 15 who have exhibited sexually problematic behaviors (SPBs).   The program provides therapeutic intervention that focuses on changing behaviors, developing safety plans to deal with sexual impulses, understanding the cycle of abuse, and developing healthier coping mechanisms to ensure either a safe return home to a family setting or an appropriate out-of-home placement setting.

PATHS draws on over 30 years of service excellence by it’s sister treatment facility, Mathom House and the other programs of Edison Court.  The program challenges each youth  to fully admit his sexual misconduct; fully appreciate the harm he has caused his victims, their families, and his community; and find ways to avoid re-offending.

Youth attend community schools through the Parkland School District while participating in the program’s highly structured and supervised setting. Each resident is continuously attended by a support staff while at school.  The resident’s individual educational needs are assessed by the District based on their present grade, past performance, consultation with previous educational settings, current IEP (if applicable) and their current needs. School staff are part of the youth’s treatment team and participate in planning meetings to assure that the youth’s overall educational needs are met. Youth participate in a high level of recreational activities as well as being immersed in a highly interactive and positive social milieu.

Improving service efficiency and effectiveness: PATHS is committed to the success of our clients and aims to provide the most effective and efficient  services possible.  We hold ourselves accountable through our Performance and Quality Improvement  (PQI) initiative. 


Located in Brenigsville, PA the home contains 8 bedrooms, comfortable common areas, group and individual counseling rooms, a kitchen, dinning room and a  large outdoor area with a basketball court.  The program is adjacent to a bustling community with shops, businesses, and numerous  recreational activities.

Each resident resides in a single, comfortable and homey dorm room. Each has a comfortable bed, a desk, night stand, and dresser  and closet to house his personal belongings. There are several bathrooms with individual showers.