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@Issue 360 | Issue 38 | April 2020

Covid-19 or simply coronavirus, has spread like wildfire, leaving behind an alarming number of victims. The virus that severely attacks the respiratory system and is transmitted through direct contact with infected people has swept through the US with over 340,000 cases and 10,900 deaths.

Through it all there have been shimmers of light at the end of the tunnel. People turned quarantine into concerts; with music ringing from balconies. Videos have gone viral on social media, featuring how citizens are spending their time at home. Celebrities shared their new realities in an effort to encourage fans to stay home as a way to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Along with awareness campaigns, advocating, and quarantine, an entire army of paramedics, health assistants, nurses, and doctors have risen to fight this deadly virus. Not surprisingly, the same wave of fraternity has also risen throughout the programs of Edison Court.

Stress, fatigue, underlying fear, and renewed hope… these words sum up the current situation of the front line ECI staff working to maintain a sense of calm in the face of an escalating pandemic.  Sometimes, armed with a smile, staff  try to alleviate the multiple fears of the youth they work with.

We would like to express our gratitude  to all the  ECI front line workers: youth counselors, community case managers, therapists, and essential support staff ( kitchen and maintenance personnel) for their tireless work during this exceptional time. Despite the fear that dominates, these professionals show up when scheduled,  to work their eight or sixteen hour shifts with youth who can be difficult under the best of circumstances.  Now more than ever, we thank them!

While most of us are being told to stay home and to use social distancing, our team of essential staff are front and center, working through difficult circumstances to  take care of the youth we serve. With policy and procedure changing daily they have demonstrated compassion, creativity, and professionalism.  Thank you so much for your dedication to helping others in these trying times.


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