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@issue 360| Issue 19| February 2018

Edison Court  is committed to the advancement of quality improvement principles designed to promote the delivery of efficient and effective services to our clients through our PQI process.  We use an inclusive and transparent approach when establishing performance goals, benchmarks, and determining how to measure our work.  The acronym PQI stands for “Performance and Quality Improvement.”  Performance refers to our management and operational practices, while quality refers to the caliber of the services we provide.  Both of these elements are improved through a cyclical improvement process which ensures we maximize the benefits gained by everyone we serve, minimize any distress they may experience while in our care, and utilize all resources in the most efficient manner.

Four Steps of the Improvement Cycle

  1. Identify:  Here, we identify areas of strength which can be leveraged and areas in need of improvement. 
  2. Plan:  In this step we come up with specific plans to spread best practices throughout the organization and incorporate needed improvement.
  3. Execute: This is where plans are put into action.
  4. Review:  Finally, we assess whether the implemented changes had desired effect or if any unexpected barriers arose.  As positive and negative results are identified, they become strengths and weaknesses which must be addressed, and the whole process begins again!

What does PQI look like at Edison Court?

At ECI, PQI is a data-driven process which collects and analyzes information from our electronic health records, clinical assessments, survey feedback, and more.  In order to be effective, intricate involvement is required from leadership, staff, clients and their families, referral sources, and payers. 

Each of our facilities has its own PQI Subcommittee comprised of employees and leadership at all levels.  These subcommittees meet monthly to implement the Improvement Cycle at the program-level.  The Chairs of each subcommittee also collaborate monthly to provide additional teamwork and align improvement efforts.  Our larger PQI Committee meets quarterly and is comprised of representatives from every level and location throughout the origination.  This committee implements the Improvement Cycle at the organization-level, and provides support and feedback to the subcommittees whenever warranted.

For anyone interested in learning more about our PQI process or the metrics we monitor, our most recent Annual PQI Report is always available on our website.

How can you participate in Edison Court’s improvement efforts?

Our PQI efforts are driven by feedback from stakeholders like you!  Please use the links below to share your opinions about which aspects of our service delivery should be used as models for the rest of the organization, and where we have room for improvement.   

Email, our continuously monitored PQI inbox.

Email to contact our Quality Improvement Coordinator directly.

Visit our PQI Proposed Improvement Survey to leave feedback anonymously.

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