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The Community Coordinator oversees the Life Skills Program and works directly with all the residents to implement it. Programming and activities are provided that help our residents acquire and strengthen the skills necessary to become responsible, connected, and law-abiding members of their communities. Personnel model pro-social behavior and attitudes in daily interactions within the program, and residents are expected and encouraged to do the same. PATHS will be PACTT affiliated, demonstrating our commitment to providing career/technical training that is integrated with the academic program, and leads to industry-recognized certification.              

The Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment is utilized upon intake and semi-annually thereafter as a means of measuring progress and ensuring specific focus in the skill areas most in need of acquisition and/or strengthening. This assessment gauges the resident’s level of knowledge in several key areas: Permanency, Daily Living, Self Care, Relationships & Communication, Housing & Money Management, Work & Study Life, Career & Education Planning, and Looking Forward. The Social & Independent Living Skills Program is specifically designed to assist residents in developing the age-appropriate skills they will use in daily life after leaving residential care as well as the social skills needed to:

-Solve problems, resolve conflicts, and make decisions;
-Control impulses and manage anger; and
-Interact appropriately with others.

When possible and appropriate, residents have opportunities to practice and demonstrate their skills outside of the program. Community task oriented trips into the community (laundry, haircuts, grocery shopping, obtaining state identification, using public transportation, etc.), and visits to the family or home community are examples of opportunities provided to eligible residents.