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PATHS serves male, ages 10 through 15 years who have demonstrated  sexually problematic behaviors and may have exhibited at least one Axis I diagnosis that is of the severity that does not exclude treatment. They have been adjudicated delinquent or dependent and have exhibited problem sexual behaviors. Residents have typically committed sexual boundary violations against children known to them, but other offenses are appropriate for placement, too. They must have histories that suggest they are capable of behaving appropriately in a milieu where passive physical restraint of residents is rare. Generally, the functional ability of youth accepted into the program range between borderline and intellectually gifted (lower cognitive profiles accompanied by relatively strong verbal ability may be considered). These are youth who otherwise could have received outpatient services if home or other approriate living arrangement existed.

Our program integrates CBT and DBT  modalities ,traumatic stress, relaxation, psychosexual awareness, and trauma sensitive yoga group therapies with academic learning, recreation activities, mentoring, and life skills learning opportunities.  PATHS borrows from our sister program Mathom House’s highly respected therapeutic program and supports youth as they embrace challenges, tap into areas of strength, and find self-acceptance. To learn more about our admissions process, please visit our contact tab.

Resident Life

We provide a safe, supportive, and positive environment at PATHS.  Each resident’s day is highly structured. He will be busy with therapy, academic work, participating in recreation and life skills.  Our staff is actively involved in the daily life of all youth. They can be found playing chess with a group of youth in our lounge, involved in a game of flag football, cooking a meal together, or taking a moment to process an issue that may have arisen.

During the week residents focus on participating in therapy, as well as academic study, and recreational programming. Please see our daily schedule for more details. On weekends the day is filled with on-and off-campus activities, community service projects, chores, and social time.