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A Message From the President and CEO

Welcome to Edison Court!  I am excited about the many changes afoot at Edison Court that are focused on enhancing the effectiveness of our service delivery and improving the experience of our consumers, stakeholders, and employees.  We are committed to helping improve our community by helping our clients improve their lives.  Our website highlights the continuum of care we offer as an organization. 

From Mathom House all the way through Ravenhill Forensic Services (RFS), we have attempted to build a system of service delivery that safely, effectively, and robustly transitions clients to the least restrictive level of care while balancing community safety issues.  We are proud of the lengths to which we go to ensure that we are providing the most impactful, evidence-based modalities of care to all of our clients. 

Organizationally, we have made a commitment to incorporating processes that insure we continue to deliver high-quality services by gathering, collating, and analyzing internal and external feedback.  As an organization we believe that people are capable of continued advancement and positive change over a lifetime.  This philosophy can be applied to organizations, as well, and it is the principle that drives Edison Court's pursuit of excellence every day.

I invite you to explore the tabs on this website to review the services we provide within our community.  We welcome your feedback and input!  Moreover, feel free to review our organization’s Strategic Plan to learn more about the direction Edison Court is moving in order to respond to the rapid blending of the behavioral health, child welfare, and criminal justice systems.

Warm Regards,

Jay Deppeler