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Easton Manor serves youth form Bucks, Montgomery and Lehigh counties. Appropriate candidates for Easton Manor  are male, ages 15 through 20 years old  who have demonstrated  sexually problematic behaviors and have exhibited at least one Axis I diagnosis that is of the severity that does not exclude treatment.  In addition if they have typically completed approved treatment up to creating a relapse prevention plan.  If they have  not already completed  relapse prevention and wellness plans then that can  be the focus of initial treatment.

Our program integrates therapeutic and academic learning with recreation activities, mentoring, and life skills learning opportunities. Easton Manor’s highly respected therapeutic program supports youth as they embrace challenges, tap into areas of strength, and find self-acceptance. To learn more about our admissions process, please contact Easton Manor today.

Resident Life

Easton Manor is a safe and supportive environment. Upon admission, a new resident will  meet with the Case Manager who will introduce him to other residents, show him around, help familiarize him with our rules, and answer any questions.

During the week residents are busy with therapy, academic work, life skills development, and recreation activities.

Our staff are actively involved in the daily life of all youth but because the focus is on independence activities reflect this. So youth can expect to be included on “errand” trips as well as other community experiences.  Please see our daily schedule for more details.