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At Easton Manor, students will be  immersed in a supportive learning environment where he will make the most of  academic strengths, while also developing strategies to cope with areas of academic deficits. The goal is to inspire and to instill a sense of confidence in his academic abilities.

Dependent on his needs we can accommodate basic skills courses or a traditional college-preparatory high school curriculum. Our students who need extra support may participate in one-on-one reading development programs, content tutorials, specialized classes, and mentoring opportunities with child care workers.  Students earn credit from their school of origin. Our academic program is overseen by the Bucks County Intermediate Unit.

The school at Easton Manor mirrors the Planned Course Program Syllabus of the host Central Bucks School District.  The program offers the following subjects: English, Mathematics (Basic Pre-Algebra, Intro. to Algebra, Algebra I & Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus) Sciences (Explorations in Science, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Astronomy, Anatomy and Physiology) Social Studies (World, European, Ancient, American, Sociology, Psychology, Global Relations, Economics and Political Science) Intro to Spanish, Spanish I and Spanish II, Career Education, Reading, Health, Physical Education, Computer Applications.

Special Education Services

Students requiring special education services are provided a full range of special education support services through the IEP process.  Two special education teachers act as IEP managers and assure compliance with required support and timelines. Regularly scheduled IEP meetings are held with parents, students, special and regular education staff as well as the Local Education Agency (LEA) represented by Bucks County Intermediate Unit personnel.  A certified school psychologist is on staff providing support to staff and students as well as completing periodic evaluations for special education compliance. To the extent possible in an institutional setting, students are provided a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment.

Summer Education

Each summer, our elective course offerings vary, depending on the interests of the students, and instructor availability.  Students engage in a fun and hands on approach to address skills deficits and repair transcripts. For example,
a Ceramic Arts course is designed to offer remedial science credit through the experience of exploring the medium of clay. Students begin by making basic pots (the pinch pot, coil pot and/or a mug), understanding hand-building techniques. After the students demonstrate a basic knowledge of the clay, they begin working on class assignments and are encouraged to come up with their own projects, challenging themselves and their own creativity. Students may choose utilitarian objects such as vases, jars, bowls and tea pots, or they may sculpt subject matter such as the human form, animals, or abstracts.
Through the use of different glazes students explore minerals and basic chemical reactions in a fun, hands on manner.

Grade Reporting

Teachers at Mathom House follow the curricular guidelines set forth by the host (Central Bucks) School District and modify and adapt courses to meet the individual needs of students.  Progress reports and grades are issued following the Central Bucks School District Calendar (See Appendix).  Students who receive an “A” can be fairly compared to students in Central Bucks School District who receive an “A”.  As Central Bucks School District has an extremely high level of academic performance our students will do well when they leave our facilities and return to their local high school.  As many of our teachers are also district teachers we are confident in our ability to provide quality, appropriate educational programming. Academic performance is reported regularly during ISP meetings and term grade reports.

Credit Acceptance Policy

We accept credits granted by educationally accredited institutions. Where possible and necessary, we will convert equivalent courses with different titles to satisfy specific requirements. If it is not possible to make such a conversion, such courses receive elective credits.

Guidance Services

Easton Manor  is an approved SAT testing site. The guidance staff help youth complete college admission applications, admissions essay, and create a resume and guide them through post secondary education planning.