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PQI- Performance &  Quality Improvement

Edison Court  is committed to the advancement of quality improvement principles designed to promote the delivery of efficient and effective services to our clients.  We use an inclusive and transparent approach when establishing performance goals, benchmarks, and determining how to measure our work. Edison Court's Performance & Quality Improvement (PQI) Plan consists of a process of assessing performance, making plans to improve, and reassessing results with a focus on aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our overarching PQI Committee is comprised of both internal and external stakeholders, representing both residential and outpatient programming.  This committee meets quarterly and is responsible for directing Edison Court's performance improvement activities.  Program level sub committees include staff from all departments who meet regularly to review service delivery and develop quality improvement plans.  All findings and recommendations are shared with Edison Court personnel, the Board of Directors, as well as additional stakeholders. Please click here to view our annual PQI report.

Edison Court has selected a variety of performance areas in which to measure in order to ensure a broad-based organization-wide process which include:

  • Management & Operations
  • Service Quality & Delivery
  • Client & Program Outcomes
  • Client & Staff Satisfaction
  • Risk Prevention Effectiveness

The involvement of stakeholders like YOU is fundamental to making Edison Court’s PQI process useful for us all.  Please join us in our mission to provide responsive and innovative care to individuals  facing behavioral /mental health challenges by sharing your feedback.  Comments and questions can be forwarded to our Director of Quality Improvement,Heather Miller, LCSW at