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Ryan Smith

Ryan founded Inperium in January of 2016.  Inperium is the sole member of non-profit agencies that provide person-centric mental health, intellectual disability, co-occurring disorders services, health-related supports, and other related services.  Inperium was established to support and oversee affiliated companies to ensure quality services and continuity of care, and efficient use of public funding and resources.  The corporation is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of its Officers and independent members of the communities served by Inperium.

Since March of 2000, Ryan has also served as the President and CEO of Supportive Concepts for Families, Inc.  During his tenure, he developed and oversaw business processes to realize efficient and effective utilization of corporate resources; to achieve both organic growth as well as the development of a diversified array of services and of corporate structure.  Through introduction of a focused strategic planning process, Ryan has also ensured that these business processes resulted in an equilibrium between the company mission and vision which reflect person focused values.  Ryan has long credited these achievements, to the experiences he gained when he had the privilege of beginning his tenure with Supportive Concepts for Families, as a Program Coordinator in November of 1993, serving as the Director of Programs for more than two years, and then as Chief Operating Officer prior to his appointment as CEO.

In his present position as President of Inperium, Inc. & Family of Services, Ryan continues his efforts to expand upon his proven track record of developing, revitalizing, and growing business enterprises.  Ryan continues to further utilize his strategic planning and implementation strengths, to guide and direct other enterprises through substantial change management, with strong and effective leadership and an on-going commitment to providing quality outcomes to all stakeholder representatives.

Ryan’s numerous and varied experiences have resulted in significant successes for the communities served by Inperium’s “Family of Services”, as well as for those employed by these entities.   During Ryan’s tenure as CEO of Supportive Concepts for Families, revenue has grown from $4.5 million in 2000, to more than $65 million in 2017.  In addition, as a direct result of a strategically planned quality management system, SCFF’s 1,300 employees (grown from 200 when Ryan assumed CEO duties) provide consistent and high quality services.  The company employees, the most valuable asset of quality human service organizations, also derive benefit from an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).  This “first of its kind” program for a non-profit, was created in March of 2015.

Perhaps most significantly, Ryan has provided oversight of Inperium’s Family of Services growth, which has resulted in the expansion of a robust array of quality services to customers, financial diversity and strength, and affiliations that leverage resources to achieve quality  results.  This growth includes:

  • The creation and development of Fortis Holdings, Inc. and Fortis Housing Services, LLC in March of 2015, to control capital of non-profit shareholders and to issue stock as part of the ESOP.
  • The  creation of Callan Housing Services, LLC, designed to create housing opportunities for those with unique housing needs, in March of 2015.
  • The founding and creation of S Automotive & Fleet Services, LLC to provide automotive maintenance service to the Supportive Concepts fleet, other for- profit and not-for-profit Companies & the general public at affordable pricing while affording cost savings, other revenue opportunities, and potential future employment opportunities for disabled individuals.
  • The creation of Sustainable Energy & Lighting Solutions, LLC.  The company provides green energy solutions & electrical installations for both residential and commercial interests, and is now authorized to install power conditioning units/solutions in three states including PA.
  • The expansion of service capabilities with the creation of Person Driven Clinical Services, LLC,  in January of 2015.  The company provides behavioral health services & training to those with behavioral health and intellectual disabilities.  These services are currently offered to both the Inperium Family of Services affiliates as well as other provider agencies throughout Pennsylvania.
  • In October of 2012, Harmonycrest Personal Care Services, LLC was established.  This 16-bed personal care home provides long-term living solutions for aging individuals with behavioral and physical health conditions.
  • The January 2016 affiliation with Community Prevention Partnership of Berks County, Inc., which receives funds through grants and contracts with various government entities providing services to children and youth throughout PA.
  • The February 2017 affiliation with Edison Court, Inc., located in Doylestown, PA,. Edison Court provides treatment and services to adult and adolescent needs through residential & outpatient services.

Gregory D. Chaffee - Treasurer

Greg Chaffee is an accomplished professional in the field of logistics and supply chain solutions. He currently serves as Vice President of Sales for the international company System Logistic Corp. and its predecessor Diamond Phoenix Corp since 1998. Mr. Chaffee’s career in Industry spans 33 years since beginning with FMC Corp in 1979. Having received numerous appointments and accolades over his career which include: Global Chairman’s Award by FMC Corporation in 1990 for leading four independent divisions of the corporation to develop and sell the world’s first Automated Batch Retort System; to the appointment in 1991 by Mannesmann Corporation as National Automated Guided Vehicle System Sales Manager; to the development and sale of the first gyro based wireless AGV System to the Ford Motor company in 1995; his service as Executive Council member and Chair – Order Fulfillment Council of the Material Handling Industry in America during the past two decades; to the sale of the largest most automated Beverage Fulfillment System for Coca-Cola in the USA in 2011.

Mr. Chaffee’s experience in leading multi-disciplined and cross-functional professional teams in industry prepare him to be uniquely suited and experienced for advisory management functions and consult. In the community Mr. Chaffee is actively engaged in supporting community and commerce as a volunteer of the Doylestown Business and Community Alliance.

The father of seven young men and women, Mr. Chaffee lives with his wife in Jamison, PA serving the interests of family and community every day.

Dan Shine, LSW

Dan Shine has over 45 years of human service experience in various roles and settings, including inpatient and outpatient behavioral health agencies that deliver clinical services to children, adults and families; public schools; child welfare agencies; and residential treatment centers that provide clinical supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities and significant behavioral challenges. Prior to his retirement in 2011, Mr. Shine directed all admissions, marketing, and program development activities for a not-for-profit, residential school with over 50 service contracts spanning 12 states. The organization’s annual revenues, when he arrived in 1992, were just over 30 million growing to 130 million during his tenure. The growth was a function of creative program development, solid and thoughtful strategic planning and the ongoing cultivation of relationships with referral sources and funding entities.

Subsequent to his retirement, he formed a consulting company, D.J. Shine Associates Inc. offering a wide range of consultative services to human service organizations. His primary focus is on strategic planning, program development, funder relationships and merger and acquisition transactions.

Mr. Shine graduated from Temple University with a degree in Sociology and earned his graduate degree (MSW) from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Mr. Shine currently resides in New Britain, Pennsylvania.

Deanna L. Cerwin, CPA

Deanna Cerwin is a Certified Public Accountant with over 14 years of experience working with Not for Profit and Financial Services industries. For the last 7 years, she has worked as the Director of Accounting and Auditing for Resources for Human Development, Inc, a $240 million national human services nonprofit supporting 160 programs in 14 different states with caring, effective and innovative programs addressing intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral health, homelessness, addiction recovery and more. A significant part of this role is customer service to our programs which means supporting the programs with my strengths allowing them to serve our clients with their strengths. Customer service within this definition means many things including designing and implementing improved processes streamlining administrative tasks both program and consumer finance related therefore allowing them to concentrate on the continued care of our consumers. In this and previous roles, significant experience has been accumulated in treasury management, policy and procedure creation, improvement and/or implementation, new software selection, design and implementation along with staff development, the goal of which is to allow individuals to be empowered to be responsible for the tasks related to the roles they were originally hired to fulfill and prepare them to take on new tasks or roles with increased responsibility.

Ms. Cerwin graduated from Temple University with a BBA in Accounting and an MBA in Management Information Systems. Ms. Cerwin currently resides in Furlong, Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Gassen - Secretary/Non-Voting