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Residential Coordinator

Cachet graduated from Walden University with a Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology in 2016 and is a current member of the Phi Theta Kapa and  the Psi Chi Honor Societies. She Joined Mathom House in 2015 as a Child Care Worker.  Cachet demonstrates a strong commitment to the youth at Mathom and as a result, she quickly moved on to the role of Supervisor and her most recent promotion to Residential Coordinator. Cachet is also a mentor for pregnant adolescents who struggle behaviorally and academically. Cachet also believes, that it takes a village to raise a child and she intends to be a vital member of that village.

“The hardest part in life is being a child, this is a time of trial an error. Expect to make mistakes, expect to fall, but never become defeated.”