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Program Director

Bill Batty worked at Bucks County Juvenile Probation Department for almost 30 years and during his tenure there he was a Supervisor of the Special Offenders Unit at one time and established effective relationships with Mathom House and Ravenhill Psychological Services that led to his leaving the probation department in January 2017 to join them in accepting the challenges of working with juveniles who commit sexual offenses. During his career with the probation department, Bill collaborated with Mathom House and Ravenhill Psychological Services to create a probation department manual guiding officers how to manage juveniles who commit sexual offenses. Bill conducted trainings for the probation department based on this manual. As a probation officer, Bill spearheaded and implemented Protective Safety Systems which is a system developed by John Desmedt to train officers in a use of force model to identify subject types encountered during the course of supervising offenders and to train and certify officers in effective skills and tools to safely manage and control these subject types. As a probation supervisor, Bill spearheaded and implemented the Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol which is a rating scheme developed by Mark Lipsey for service providers to assess their effectiveness in reducing recidivism. Bill graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Moravian College and a Master’s Degree from Shippensburg University. Bill has been an adjunct instructor at Temple University since January 1993. In his free time, Bill loves spending time with his wife of 29 years and his 4 children. Also, Bill enjoys time at the gym and volunteering to coach youth sports such as basketball, softball, baseball and football.